The Grammy Awards have always been a place to see your favorite artists performs as well as see your favorite or not so favorite artists win awards for their talent. Yesterday marked the 58th annual Grammy Awards and there were a lot of positives and negatives from the show. As always there were many performers, producers, and labels who attended the live show in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. In case you missed it, there were a few things that I want to bring to your attention. Here are some positives and negatives of the show:




  •         Taylor Swift
  •         Demi Lovoto
  •         Lady Gaga
  •         Kendrick Lamar


Taylor opened up with a solid performance in the Grammy Awards, and ended up winning Album of the Year. However, the most interesting in all of this, was Taylor’s acceptance speech. As you may already know, Taylor Swift and Kanye West have been feuding since the 2009 Grammy’s when Kanye West interrupted her acceptance speech claiming that Beyonce should have won. Until recently, it was believed they had reconciled. Last night, Taylor took it to Kanye in her speech, perhaps indirectly, by stating to younger women that there will always be people trying to take credit for your fame. Many say this was related to one of Kanye’s new songs where he takes credit for Taylor’s success.


There were some pretty good performances last night, and Demi Lovoto is definitely included in the list. Demi performed a fantastic version of Lionel Richie’s “Hello.” Many it seemed, did not realize her talent until last night.


Lady Gaga performed a multitude of David Bowie’s hits, as you would imagine, dressed in David Bowie-esq make-up and attire. This was a cool thing to see, and Lady Gaga was the perfect one for it.


Kendrick Lamar was probably one of the best positives of the night. Not only was his performance very powerful and inspiring, he also took home 5 awards, the most of anyone last night.




  •         Adele
  •         Ariana Grande
  •         Rihanna

There weren’t many negatives last night, but there were a few I wanted to touch on. Adele’s performance left you wanting more. Adele explained later that there were some sound issues, so we’ll let her slide on that one.


Ariana Grande was more annoying than anything else. She was chosen to introduce “The Weeknd,” and called her introduction the “pun of the century” by saying he “earned it.” Referring to his popular song. She then continued to sing his song, it wasn’t great.


Lastly, Rihanna, probably a highly sought after performer, canceled her performance last night. It was understood that she was unable to perform because her doctor put her on vocal rest. It was noted that if she were to perform, her vocal cords could hemorrhage.

Overall, the Grammy Awards were a hit as they usually are. This year, the positives outweighed the negatives. It did leave us with the typical drama of Kanye West and Taylor Swift, something we can all agree was entertaining.


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